Friday, January 28, 2011

Winter miseryland

For those who think I spend my life reading books and sitting at my computer (with the occasional foray into vegetable gardening) dream on! My new, time-consuming hobby is shoveling snow. Here are a couple of photos I took Thursday morning.

The first shows two kennel runs of five (about 15 ft. x 35 ft. each) with fencing 4 ft. high. They date back to my days of breeding and showing basset hounds. Fortunately I now have only one geriatric basset hound, Delta. I keep the path clear for her, as well as for the heating oil and propane delivery men, and ignore shoveling the runs that her ancestors romped in. But since the path is bounded on one side by evergreen hedges (and I have to shovel snow off the tops of them so they don’t croak, though many days I wish they would) and the fence line on the other, shoveling is a real heave-ho project.

The second shows a work in progress—grounded Ford van on the left, Subaru on the right. By this afternoon the Subaru was completely unearthed and ready to go. But, oops, the driveway is not yet plowed and even when it is it will be impassable.

Apparently at Bradley Airport north of Hartford, CT we have already broken the record for the snowiest month ever. We still have about 20 inches to go to smash the winter snow record. I’m not cheering Mother Nature on.

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