Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On a personal note

I’m about ready to cry uncle and move to warmer climes. Here I sit at the bottom of a notorious driveway that has defeated a host of cars and trucks. After having paid a tidy sum to have my driveway plowed after the last storm, I wanted to get out on Saturday in a Subaru. Score: driveway 1, Subaru 0. Each day I kept agonizing over the oil tank gauge that was getting perilously close to empty and kept turning the thermostats down. So on Sunday and Monday I went to work on improving the driveway, using an ice breaker and a snow shovel. I thought I had done a pretty decent job; my body certainly felt it. I figured that if the driveway was also sanded, the oil truck could navigate the driveway. Wrong. The oil truck driver turned thumbs down.

It seems that there is an emergency procedure available as long as some four-wheel-drive truck can get down the driveway. I assume it will be deemed an emergency only when I am completely out of oil. Right now it’s a sheet of glistening ice outside and a toasty 55 degrees in the house. I have a space heater next to my computer to keep me warm, and there are of course blankets and sleeping bags scattered throughout the house to stave off the cold.

As I was writing this tale of woe, we lost power. Fortunately it came back after about five hours and the furnace miraculously started running again. I know, it’s not exactly the siege of Leningrad, but this New England winter is taking its toll on my body and spirit.

The upshot as far as you are concerned: I didn’t get as much reading done this past weekend as usual, so postings may be a little spotty. But there’s a good one coming along within the hour.

Thanks, by the way, to those of you who are clicking through on the Amazon links to buy goodies there—books, electronics, clothing, etc. I really appreciate it.

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  1. Good luck there Brenda. Come to Australia, much nicer :-)