Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A trading image

Images can be powerful. Here is one I particularly liked from Robert Koppel’s Bulls, Bears, and Millionaires (Dearborn Financial Publishing, 1997), p. 55, compliments of Timothy McAuliffe.

“You have to be prepared and disciplined whenever you walk on the trading floor. You also have to remind yourself that you’re just a fly on a rhino’s back, and the best you’re hoping for is a peaceful ride. If you get swell-headed, the tail’s going to get you. The trick is not to end up one dead fly!”

If you look at pictures of rhinos, their tails aren't terribly long. So, however distasteful and ego-deflating it may be to think of yourself as a fly, the good news is that if you're properly positioned you have a decent chance of surviving the ride.


  1. Ahh, and now you know something about me, Brenda... well, circa 1995. (Which assumes you read all the interviews! :-)

  2. I did read all the interviews, and I double checked your middle initial to make sure you were one and the same. And to think until then I knew you only as one of my favorite bloggers!