Monday, February 7, 2011

Fantasy spring break

In the bleak midwinter with “snow on snow, snow on snow,” and even worse ice on snow, I think it’s time to pause, reassess, perhaps reinvent. Or maybe just vegg. Whatever the case, I’m going to take a mini-break from blogging. My mini-breaks tend to be nano-breaks, two days rather than two weeks. But for however long it lasts, call it my fantasy spring break. Admittedly, it takes a lot of imagination to go from struggling with the cruel Connecticut weather to lying on a warm, sunny beach. And, yes, to looking a lot younger and sexier.

Here’s a shot of part of the snow on the flat area at the bottom of my driveway with the forlorn shed in the background; it took both a plow and a back hoe to amass this mountain.

Despite the effort and the mounting cost, the driveway remains impassable to all but the most intrepid four-wheel-drive vehicles. The man who plows the driveway had to tow the back hoe up the driveway, and it took an ample supply of sand for him to have enough traction to accomplish this task. There’s no way to photograph the full length of the driveway, but this is how it starts out. Trust me, it gets a lot worse.

While I figure out how to re-energize myself, explore the archives. I’ve written over 500 posts, so with any luck you’ll find something of value to you.

And fear not, I already have seven new books waiting to be read (one fished out of a snow bank this morning) and some more in transit.

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