Thursday, June 3, 2010

The paradoxical character of creative people

In his book Creativity Unlimited Micael Dahlén outlines some paradoxical qualities that creative people exhibit and that the plodding can be trained to strengthen.

First, creative people are both conventional and rebellious.

Second, they are both divergent and convergent thinkers. That is, on the one hand they think differently and hence break patterns and, on the other, they try to collect thoughts (“even the maddest ideas”) into a pattern.

Third, they have both abundant energy and a great need for relaxation. “They often work harder and for longer than other people, but they also take more time off.”

Fourth, they are both humble and proud.

Fifth, they are both introverted and extroverted.

And finally, they use both sides of their brains.

How do you measure up? I fall decidedly short on the third quality.


  1. So basically creative people are more well balanced?

  2. Creative people are well balanced on average, but that is not the same as being "moderate." Instead, they simultaneously possess traits from both extremes.

    The last point is essentially a repeat of the 2nd point.