Monday, June 7, 2010

DeFalco, The Profit Hunter

The Profit Hunter: Beating the Bulls, Taming the Bears, and Slaughtering the Pigs (Wiley, 2010) by Neil DeFalco is a survey of strategies for small- to medium-sized investors, most of which rely on the use of derivatives. About half of the book is devoted to options—the basics and a catalog of strategies (when to use, profit potential, risk, and breakeven points). DeFalco then moves on to FOREX, commodities, single stock futures, and international investing.

Any investor who seeks to profit from this book should be reminded that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. No retail trader can compete against the big boys after reading a basic survey. He will end up on the wrong side of the trade, being beaten, tamed, or slaughtered.

The value of DeFalco’s book lies in the fact that it lays out a range of possibilities for the investor to pursue and practice trading in a paper account. Perhaps as a result over time the investor will find his niche and become truly skilled.

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