Monday, October 23, 2017

Watkins, The Complete Guide to Successful Financial Markets Trading

For many years Simon Watkins was a senior Forex trader, eventually becoming director of Forex at the Bank of Montreal and head of Forex institutional sales for Credit Lyonnais. His extensive Forex experience informs his markets overview in The Complete Guide to Successful Financial Markets Trading (ADVFN Books, 2017).

Watkins takes the reader through foreign exchange, equities, commodities, and bond trading. He then turns to technical analysis, risk/reward management and hedging, risk-on/risk-off and other correlations, and key risks on the horizon. All this in about 265 pages, including many illustrative charts.

The book’s strength is its top-down and markets correlation analysis. By taking a macro perspective for the most part, it complements most books on trading. And it does this surprisingly well.

The author doesn’t offer an in-depth study of any of the many topics he addresses, but he points to vital connections among them. This is something that most traders and investors ignore, often to their detriment.

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