Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Best books of 2015, an idiosyncratic list

As I surveyed the books I reviewed this year, I looked for ones with broad appeal that I personally enjoyed reading. Herewith my idiosyncratic list, with apologies to the authors of quite fine books, usually specialized, who aren’t recognized here. I compile these lists reluctantly (and not even annually), only because I have been asked to do so by readers of this blog. I don’t relish being a prize committee of one.

The books are listed in alphabetical order by author, and each one is linked to my review of it.

Fran├žois Bourguignon, The Globalization of Inequality

Bill Browder, Red Notice

Robert Carver, Systematic Trading

Wesley R. Gray et al., DIY Financial Advisor

Greg Steinmetz, The Richest Man Who Ever Lived

Richard Teitelbaum, The Most Dangerous Trade

Philip E. Tetlock & Dan Gardner, Superforecasting

Richard H. Thaler, Misbehaving

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