Sunday, December 18, 2011

My picks of the year

Last year I wrote a post in which I highlighted some books that I personally found valuable. One of my readers requested a 2011 update. So here it is—my brief, admittedly very idiosyncratic list presented in alphabetical order. Clicking on the book title will with any luck take you to my review.

Aaron Brown, Red-Blooded Risk: The Secret History of Wall Street

William Byers, The Blind Spot

Emanuel Derman, Models.Behaving.Badly

Scott E. Page, Diversity and Complexity

Among the books that deal more directly with investing I almost always enjoy titles in the “little book” series. Here are two, both particularly useful for value investors: Aswath Damordaran, The Little Book of Valuation and Vitaliy N. Katsenelson, The Little Book of Sideways Markets.

Lots of runners-up this year, but I’ll stop for now. I may need to pull them out of the hat for next year’s picks.

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