Monday, June 20, 2011

My Rube Goldberg TV

How can I read books when I’m creating a Rube Goldberg TV? Comcast is transitioning to all-digital in my area, which theoretically means I need a set-top box for the “main” TV and a DTA (ugly little box) for all other TVs.

Here’s my retro setup. I have two analog TVs. One occasionally keeps me company during the day, and it is happy with the tiny box and the huge looping white coaxial cables. The other TV (which I either watch while exercising or fall asleep on) is what Comcast considers the cash cow, for which I need their cable box. The problem is that I also have a series 2 dual tuner Tivo and a DVD recorder. After a lot of experimenting, it seems I will need a three-way splitter and two additional DTAs to make this combination work.

I’m allergic to inelegant solutions, and this is decidedly inelegant. And time consuming!

But stay tuned. On Wednesday I’m going to offer some books for sale at half the Amazon price (plus shipping) on a first-come, first-served basis. I’ve run out of book shelf space.

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