Monday, December 27, 2010

Digging out, very slowly

The to-do list that started to be checked off before dawn: There are huge sand dunes around my car, except they’re white. And then there’s the area where Delta, the geriatric basset hound, stretches her legs and relieves herself. Not to mention the walkway to the heating oil and propane tanks. I leave the driveway to the professional, who plows when he’s finished his “important” clients. After which, if I don’t shovel, the driveway remains impassable. And it’s a very long driveway. Well, you get the idea.

Unlike many people in my Connecticut town, I didn’t lose power. Which was a godsend, because no electricity also means no heat and no water. Unfortunately the cable connection was down more than it was up, so it was a frustrating day.

The best I can offer you today is a link to a Harvard Business Review blog post by Tony Schwartz from August: "Six Keys to Being Excellent at Anything." It doesn’t break new ground, but it might inspire some New Year’s resolutions.

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