Saturday, January 23, 2010

Geography lessons

One of the perks of writing a blog is that your knowledge of geography improves. Google Analytics provides a map overlay of visitors to the blog, and it’s always fun to use that map to test geographical skills. Some days it’s easy, other days quite challenging.

Since this blog’s launch back in July of 2009 visitors have come from 88 countries. In order of number of visits here they are: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, India, Switzerland, Australia, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Romania, Thailand, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, France, Brazil, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Greece, Lebanon, Israel, New Zealand, Japan, Portugal, Ireland, Indonesia, Poland, Norway, South Korea, Russia, South Africa, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Mexico, Finland, Taiwan, Turkey, Philippines, Austria, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Latvia, Argentina, Bermuda, Nepal, British Virgin Islands, Luxembourg, Estonia, Oman, Nigeria, Slovakia, Kuwait, Egypt, Cyprus, Trinidad and Tobago, Dominican Republic, Malta, Peru, Iran, Chile, Jamaica, Mongolia, Honduras, Tunisia, Iceland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Croatia, Ecuador, Kenya, Venezuela, Macedonia, Mauritius, Greenland, Tanzania, Lithuania, Serbia, Georgia, Jordan, Bolivia, Pakistan, and the Solomon Islands.

Striking in its absence is China. Perhaps, though I highly doubt it, it was included in the “not set” category; the “not sets” fell in between Greece and Lebanon. I assume that Reading the Markets simply belongs to some subset (Google blogs?) of the internet that is being blocked in China. It would be far too depressing to think that out of the gargantuan Chinese population not a single solitary soul ever read my sterling prose.


  1. Brenda,

    Greenland? Wow, that's a first! Some "ICE" trader, maybe? Regarding China probably some of your visits do come from China, but through a foreign server to avoid any blocks on dangerous blogs spreading the gospel of capitalism and - worse - of reading.

    Best trading,


  2. Jorge,

    You might not be able to replace Jay Leno, but CNBC could certainly profit from some genuine humor. Did you ever consider a career change? Your ICE trader line still has me laughing (over the ice cubes in my drink).


  3. Here is somebody from Greece who enjoys reading your posts and has got quite a few useful pointers to the trading literature. Thank you very much.