Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween—two images, one film

I guess yesterday was “mischief night” for the markets. So happy Halloween. For those who can’t do risk by the numbers (or who can, but find images powerful) here are two.

(the second image is compliments of Hack the Market)

And I can’t let Halloween go by without a very belated movie recommendation. If you haven’t seen Pi—Faith in Chaos (1998) and if you have some time away from normal social relations (trust me, unless you have the weirdest friends in the world, they wouldn’t sit through more than ten minutes of this film and would worry about your sanity for ever subjecting them to it), rent the film. I watched it not long before I saw A Beautiful Mind, and I considered the Hollywood blockbuster a faint echo of the independent film. It’s a horrific, haunting tale of Wall Street’s search for the holy grail and of our addiction to kabbalistic (or Fibonacci) mathematics.

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